Types of Logo Shapes and What They Try to Convey

Logo happens to be one of the most essential aspects for any business. It is not only the face of your company but it is also the mode of brand representation with which your customers can relate to. Naturally, the logo is the most fundamental type of visual communication design and since it is so crucial for any business it is imperative that you have to design it in the right manner.

The shape of the logo says a lot about the business that it represents. The logo shape will enable one to interpret whether your business is serious or friendly, artistic or scientific, cutting-edge or traditional.

Like for example the soft, round and organic shapes are much more comforting and soothing to the mind than that of the sharp one. The appearance of these logos are mostly harmless, inviting and amicable. On the other hand, though the sharp angular shaped logos are a bit intimidating but they are perfect to symbolise intelligence, power and stability and simply the cool quotient.

Here an attempt is made to guide you through the various shapes so that you know which one to use next time for your company logo.

  • Elliptical, Circular Shapes – A number of values and emotions can be signified by the ellipses, ovals and circles. They have a vintage quality as this roundish shape was widely used for stamps and badges in the bygone days. So this type of a curvature can be used for creating a logo with a traditional touch. By encapsulating flamboyant, kid oriented illustrations, round logos can portray fun and enjoyment and can represent youth in the best possible way. But, in most cases, it represents gentleness and light-heartedness with calm sceneries and cute animals, inclusivity and amiability with the right illustrations.

  • Logos That Are Square or Triangular – One of the main features that separates the soft, roundish shapes from the stern angular ones is the presence of corners. By definition, corners happen to be abrupt and sharp. For your business, this means dependability, stability and precision. They are bit more edgy than the circular logos and they are mostly used to represent sleekness, technology and power. So if you want to showcase stability and control, professionalism or intelligence and maturity then you should go for triangular and square logos.

  • Cultural Logo Shapes – Apart from the basic shapes, you will also find some shapes that bear a specific cultural interpretation like that of ribbons, crosses and hearts. Hearts can be used for anything that represents empathy and emotions. They are extensively used for religious purposes as well as in dating apps. Apart from that, they are also very common in representing non-profits, animal rescues and food kitchens. While crosses are mostly used for signifying health, ribbons are extensively used to denote awareness.

The above are some of the most common types of logo shapes that are extensively used by the proficient and reputed design agency in Buckinghamshire. All of them depict a different meaning and attach a different kind of emotion and sensibility to your business. That is why you should select your business logo wisely so that it can convey the right message that you intend to deliver.


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