Myths and Facts Associated with Visual Communication and Graphic Design

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visual communication and graphic design

Graphic designing is a cool career option and millions are striving to set a firm footing in the industry today. It is one of the key elements of communication that is presented as a short yet relevant information to a person to whom you cannot speak. It must be created in a beautiful story-telling manner that will keep the audience glued to their seats.

The sole purpose of any graphic designer is to put forward the message through appealing and meaningful graphics. But many-a-times, visual communication and graphic design professionals as well as their creativity are misunderstood because of a number of myths associated with this field. Here an attempt is made to debunk those myths and bring forward the truth behind them.

  • Myth 1 – Graphic Designers Are Capable of Reading Minds

Fact: This is absolutely not true. Graphic designers simply design graphics and are not mind readers. Clients often think that just giving them the design idea should be adequate for them to create a splendid design. But that is not how things are done. Designers love and require to know how you want the design to be represented. Nevertheless, competent designers because of the experience and skills can deduce your taste. The colour, shape and layout and the design brief from you will assist them to comprehend and bring out what you want.

  • Myth 2 – Graphic Designers Are Inherently Creative

Fact: Many believe that graphic designers are born with creativity. But that is not true. There are people who will be able to create pioneering designs very simply while there are many who cannot. It is just that the second group takes years of labour, sweat and tears to achieve their aspired position. While the people belonging to the 1st group have the right learning and thinking credentials that enable them to offer innovative designs instantly. They simply gift their clients the most breath-taking designs in the shortest period of time.

  • Myth 3 – You Do Not Need Any Formal Education to be a Graphic Designer

Generally it is believed that you do not need a certain degree for being a professional in graphic designing. But in reality you need much more than that. Many renowned institutes from all over the world offer graphic designing course to provide you with thorough knowledge of the modern industry and also to enable you bag a great career.

The above are some of the myths associated with graphic designing and visual communication. Now that you know the truth you can surely steer clear and avoid these pits.


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