Visual Communication Design: Ways To Make It Effective

Visual Communication Design

There is a famous saying that would have crossed you at one time or another, “the way you say matters more than what you say”. The true meaning of this axiom is justified when said in the context of visual communication. In earlier days, it wasn’t a thing to consider but now it is becoming more and more essential to understand the intricacies behind it.

In this fast-paced life, you need to understand that no matter how important or beneficial your message is, if it isn’t conveyed the way it should, people won’t spend another second to read it. But, don’t live with a myth that you know how visual communication works just because you know when and where to use emojis. Below are some ways to make an effective design:

  • Usage of Right Color Palette for Right Response

Selecting the right palette of color at right time for right response is what matters the most. If you are using correct color, you may get target right emotional response you are trying to achieve. A professional designer is well-aware with the psychology behind colors and what color scheme is.

Before starting an infographic, you should know what colors to use in your design and whether it is aptly associated with the brand identity and brand image. The content color you choose should be according to the mood or feel you expect from customers.

  • Usage of Typography

Typography works in the same way as the color does. Before creating an infographic for a well-established brand/business, always keep in mind, styles and fonts should always represent the brand’s identity.

Some of the fonts are mostly used by corporate companies and some by companies which sell products for kids. In many ways, typography has a great impact on information than that of text.

  • No over-dosage of Imagery

If you are willing to become a professional and top-notch designer, start saying NO to the usage of stock images. Customers of today’s world are more advanced. They notice stock images used on a website which results in a drastic decrease in credibility.

In contrast, you should opt for customized imagery. Want to upsurge the impact of imagery? Add a caption to it as people nowadays are more likely to read captions than reading body texts.

  • Good Structured Content

The content used for a visual communication plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of your site. The way you present yourself by creating a text for your visual message can make or break visual’s effectiveness. Make sure your composed content doesn’t play around grammatical errors as it can be responsible for lost credibility.

Some of the practices to keep in mind are:

  1. Instead of talking about your company, speak from the point of view of a reader.
  2. Unless you are bound to be formal, write in a conversational tone.
  3. Make simply structured sentences.

Visual communication design is a universal language to all cultures, thus helps a brand to reach a wider range of audience. Why over-complicate it when it means to simplify a communication?




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