Ways to Design a Successful Logo Buckinghamshire

Digital Creative Agency

A great logo can communicate with its target audience about firm’s credibility and standard. A good logo is not just about text and images, it tells tales about your company – who are you, what do you do and where do you stand in the market! Even before going through a website, a customer can build its trust on you just by watching a well-crafted logo. Well, that’s a lot to ask from a single piece of art! That is why it is crucial to spend some time and make a right logo for your company.

Badly designed logo can become a culprit for sabotaging your reliability and even meekest forms of marketing communications i.e. business cards. Imagine just because of a bad logo, your 95% of potential customers were to turn off? Do not worry! Here are 5 significant tips to design your logo:

  1. Firstly, what is a logo and its primary functions?

Usually, before working on something, you search for what it means. Similarly, before designing a logo or even thinking of making a logo, you should know what a logo is, what it depicts and why is it important. Basically, a logo is a visual representation of a trademark of a particular company. It mirrors a company’s profile via the use of text, fonts, images and colors.

  1. Principles Of Productive Logo Design

After learning about the real meaning of a logo and what it is supposed to depict and how important it is, let’s learn about the foundation: basic fundamentals of an effective logo design.

  • Simplicity

Simple logos often attract vast population towards it as it shows a sober nature and standard of a company. Without being overdrawn, these logos feature something unique.

  • Hard To Forget

Just behind simplicity, comes memorability i.e. a good logo should be hard to forget and make its space in the hearts of people. It can be achieved by keeping it simple yet appropriate.

  • Multipurpose & Adaptable

You should always go for a vector format for creating a logo so that it can be scaled and sized according to the medium you want to print it on.

  1. Learn From Good & Bad

Now that you are well-aware of the principles of logo designing, you can differentiate between a bad logo and a good logo. You can also learn from popular logos by knowing why they are successful and how did they succeed. If we take an example of Nike’s logo, it is simple, single colored, easily scalable and fast.

Now, the bad logos explain to us that one should never use any image or font of text depicting opposite to your expectations. Avoid going messy and try making it simple and plain.

So, here we are! Obviously, these are not all tips but the significant ones to help you design your logo just like a graphic design buckinghamshire. Follow these and you will become a pro.





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