What Not To Do While Getting Your Firm’s Logo Designed?

Brand Design Agency

The internet is a vast world comprising of many informative websites that provide tricks and tactics for creating your own materials for marketing. Small businessmen are leveraging over these websites and information to develop their own great east. No doubt, this would help small business owners big time as it will create a shortcut to enhance their business but has anyone thought about what NOT to follow these tips? What should you not do?

A logo embraces the power to make or break any company and even a smallest genuine mistake can ruin the whole business. A professional brand design agency helps you out in creating a suitable logo. In some situations, it can also bring a need for rebranding which seems a herculean task. To eliminate the risk of rebranding, follow these “don’ts”:

  • Right Size

The size of the logo is the foremost thing which should be considered while creating an apt logo for your company. If it takes more space than the content on a sales brochure, it would leave a bad impact on the viewers. In most of the cases, logo’s design is not at all important for the customer but for branding, it is quite essential. This is because a customer just wants to know whether he/she is getting value for money product or services.

  • Appropriate Placement

Logo placement is not a tough nut to crack but often can be a little daunting. Decide where your logo will be most visible and will attract the attention of customers. Placing it in corner of the page can be an option but always avoid locating it in between text or in the headline. It may result in a design suicide as reader’s attention will be disturbed.

  • Choosing Apt Style

Nowadays, usage of two or three font styles in a logo is quite in trend. Well, why won’t it be! This design helps in spreading the message effectively. But do not go with the flow i.e. do not keep on adding the font styles. Avoid cluttering and blotching up the text. Also, the class of the firm should be reflected from the font you use. Comic Sans is a popular and beautiful font but it won’t look good and become a joke when expressing the goal of the company.

To bring success, a simple, clean and compelling marketing campaign is enough. If you want to design or re-design your business’s logo, contact a professional brand design agency. Always remember, it is the branding mantra!



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