Bad Visuals Ruining Your Great Business? 2 Tips To Follow

Visual Design Agency

It’s a high time to focus on visuals and design. Especially for startups, this one factor is the main one as it possesses the power to make and break the business. In earlier times, nearly five to six years ago, the old-school people used to work old-fashioned way – thought that engineering is important than designing and it’s the backbone of any project. But that’s not the case now as the technology has drastically emerged with some cool exceptions like security software and search engines.

Startups have found a simple and effective way of engineering. With open-source launch pads, code libraries and advanced programming languages, the engineering have become easier and highly accessible. One way to become the cynosure of the crowd is by creating a spontaneous interface by consulting a good visual design agency that makes users fall in love and quickly adopt it. That makes designing more important.

There is a plethora of examples from which you can learn that how visuals have helped the business grow. Here are 2 lessons for startups to keep in mind when a topic of design emerges?

  • Give Priority to Design Over-Engineering

Without any doubt, designing should be preferred in front of engineering. You would have worked to observed companies who does engineering-based work i.e. they focus on engineering more. In these projects, designers used to come late in the game and were supposed to apply lipstick on the present code base.

If we dig a little deeper, a successful startup is the one who has an interactive process. While developing visuals, you are going to go through several rounds of changes and improvements, before finding something that suits. Now, in this case, reframing code again and again according to the visual changes will become labor-intensive and ridiculously inefficient.

  • Follow Less is More Thinking

So, a great design doesn’t give a declaration of the success of the company or the firm. That is because there is a good design as well as a bad design. A startup can succeed by following an approach of less is more.

One of the most epic reasons for failings of numerous tools and new apps is throwing mostly everything at the user. Sticking to a controlled set of features – even after having the immense pressure of including all bells and whistles – is most vital. Do you remember what Steve Jobs said in his first marketing brochure in back 1977? It boasted that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” He knew about this secret – late at that time it was seen in the original Macintosh and can be seen in iPhone 5 too.

So, here we are two important lessons that every startup should learn by heart to taste success. Contact a professional visual design agency to gain success whether you are a startup or an established firm.






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